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Makeup Revolution London - Iconic 3 palette

 Hello my beautiful Readers!
Today is the  #bloggingsunday and I have decided to write my views on the Makeup Revolution London Iconic 3 Eyeshadow palette.
This palette is supposed to be a Dupe for Urban Decay Naked 3..!!

I have got this palette from London. My friend brought this for me and I have been using it for quite some time now. So , lets get into this review.

1. Packaging :

First look of any product is its packaging. This palette has a very sleek packaging . The lid is transparent and the rest of the palette is of black colored sturdy plastic. It is easy to carry it in your bag. Because of the transparent cover it is easy to distinguish what palette are to picking.
But this packaging lack a mirror , which would have made it a perfect palette. for packaging I would give an 8/10.

                                                                          2. Texture :

The texture is creamy  very velvety I should say. But there is a lot of fall out :( 
The shades are creamy but on the same side don't know why they become so powdery on the brush and gives you horrible fallout specially the dark shades. So its better you do your face later and eyes first while using this palette. 

3. Swatches :

The swatches are attached for you. The shades are not given any names though but they are very much similar to that of the Naked 3 one. In the palette they might look different but on the eyes more or less it gives pretty much the same look.  The upper one in the picture below is Naked 3 while the lower one is Iconic 3.

4. Price Part:

The price of this palette in India is ₹ 1050/-
in U.K. it is prices at GBP 4.00/-
Look for discounts because for ₹1050 I would say it doesn't meet the quality standards . Yes it is a bit on expensive side in India. 
But if you are on budget want similar look as Naked 3 then ₹1050 option is much more better than ₹7000 (approx) for the Naked one.

5. Iconic Range:

It comes in the range ICONIC 1 , ICONIC 2 and ICONIC 3 which are supposed to be the dupes for NAKED 1 , NAKED 2  and NAKED 3 respectively. 

6. Wear Time:

The eyeshadows hold for a good time. Say for 8-9 hours. 

7. Pros and Cons:

  • Naked 3 Dupe
  • Has really nice rosey and pinky shades
  • easy to carry very light weight.
  • Cons - Just one . It has fall outs while applied using a fluffy brush.

8. Final Verdict and NV Rating:

This product is not so bad to invest in!! You can definitely try on this product . It will give you some Rosey looks and enhance the eye features. 
This is not the most versatile palette available out there in MUR range , but this is of its own kind. And that you can create Naked 3 similar looks with it then  why not! 

I would give it an overall NV Rating 7/10 . Less rating because of the fall outs . But once they are on your eyes , no smudging after that..

So, Girls this is a really good palette you can use some shades as Highlighters as well.

This is it for today ladies!!! Thank you so much for reading this..
stay tuned  for the next review coming up next Sunday.

Bbye tkcr all.!! 

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